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Chesapeake Cleaners is a professional upholstery cleaning service provider in Chesapeake, VA. Our technicians are well equipped.

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Superior carpet cleaning services provided by top quality experienced cleaners in Chesapeake!

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Chesapeake Cleaners offers a full range of carpet and upholstery services which can satisfy every clients wish.

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Over time, the tapestries collect loads of harsh elements. Without proper upkeep, your carpets or designer rug could quickly fade and devalue. Carpet owners who want to preserve their investments must know that is is good on a certain amount of time the carpeting must be cleaned it is easier to hire an upholstery or carpet cleaning services in Chesapeake.

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Chesapeake Cleaners  is a great idea for prompt and reliable carpet cleaning services. We stand as a market premium and benchmark setter for cleaning work in Chesapeake. Enjoy a complete selection of finest quality cleaning services including dry cleaning and steam cleaning only from Chesapeake Cleaners . You won’t find any other high caliber cleaner in Chesapeake  than us. Our reputation and integrity have been tested for many years.

Woman cleaning carpet with a vacuum cleaner.It is possible to clean a carpet by yourself with the traditional method that we all know, hanging the carpet outside in the sun and patting it with a bat or something. Professional results demand professional techniques, equipment and trained hands, which often require years worth of training and certification to masterfully practice. At Chesapeake Cleaners , we have all what you need.

From Moroccan to Persian carpets, handwoven to needle felt rugs, Chesapeake Cleaners  is certain you will find our cleaning services to be completely satisfied. We proffer bargain prices without compromises. We make the carpet cleaning experience as hassle-free as possible.We offer free pickups and deliveries for your carpets and rugs.

Our facility carries the latest equipment and machinery you can find on the market, some of which are exclusively designed for Chesapeake Cleaners.  Contact us today for premium carpet cleaning services at (757) 447-4730!

by CCandy George on Chesapeake Cleaners

After your services we understand how beautiful colors have our armchair! It was amazing after so many years it is with it original colors!

Cleaning carpets can be a hard task. It will require time, labor and lots of procedures and responsibilities. We encourage you to call Chesapeake Cleaners  and let our experienced and qualified staff do the cleaning for you. Our carpet cleaning company carries many years of experience in planning and preparation. We also offer top quality upholstery cleaning services at reasonable prices.

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Using a steam cleaning technique, a hot water cleaning solution is sprayed on the carpet using a high-pressure jet spray. The wet vacuum is then used to suck up the solution, dirt and water. Our steam cleaning program is gentle on carpet fibers while being aggressive on dirt. Steam cleaning is economical and efficient method of carpet cleaning since the new that heat successfully kills microorganisms and high temperature, together with high-pressure water, blast dirt away from carpeting. In addition, it is environmentally friendly.

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